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Let the professionals at Dog Fences of Michigan give your family the peace of mind that comes with an underground electric dog fence and the training to help you and your dogs make the most of it!

About Dog Fences of Michigan

We are a local Michigan-based family business that treats each customer (and pup!) like you are one of our own... there's a difference. Our goal is to ensure that you have the tools and resources to keep your four-legged family member close to home, while giving you the peace of mind that he or she is safe. 


Cultivating a good relationship with your dog stems from love and trust, and by investing in an electric fence, you are already ahead of the game as a top-notch Dog Mom or Dad.


You'll work with our company owner to design a system custom to your home and property. All of our systems are installed with exceptionally high-grade wire protection and splices in order to make sure that your system lasts a lifetime both underground and above ground. 


Most of our customers choose a rechargeable system, but if you prefer a battery-powered system, we offer those as well. We have basic fences with collars and custom fence systems with handheld training remotes - no need for switching collars.  

Does your dog jump and bark when you have visitors? We not only train your pet to stay in the yard, but we also teach you how you can utilize our tools in a way that works best for your family - whether they have two legs or four!


The value and personal experience with Dog Fences of Michigan is why families choose us. We look forward to seeing you!

Our Services

Electric Dog Fence Installation and Service

Rechargable or Battery-Powered fence systems available

Collars, Remotes, and other accessories

Customized In-Person Training for Dog and Owner

Personal, Professional Service from a Michigan-Based Business

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